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After another company (Powell's) told us we needed a new furnace and didn't even give us the option of fixing our current unit, Joe at A Plus saved the day and saved us a ton of money fixing our current unit. Joe is very responsive and accessible and arrives when he says he will. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in his field. Within the first 5 minutes of his arrival he pointed out things that were visibly wrong with our unit that the technician at Powells failed to catch or address. He taught us more about our furnace, the right filters to use, ways to maintain, etc. than anyone ever has. We will definitely be using A Plus for our future needs and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

Micah Schmitt

Joe is amazing!!! The most knowledgeable guy and genuinely cares about his work. He is always just a text away when I need him. Same day service and always happy. I refer him to everyone!

Abigail Cappuccilli Stein

Our family home has a complex boiler system that was having malfunction issues and left our house cold. Joe had left his company’s contact information on the boiler from the prior owner, so we called and he came over the next day to begin triaging the problem. He was extremely knowledgeable with the full inner workings of our system, where other companies were not so confident, and were trying to sell us a brand new system installation. Joe was able to pinpoint the problem, fix it and saved us thousands of dollars by not needing to replace the system. He was diligent, thorough, friendly and persistent to get us the part we needed asap. We highly recommend him!! He brought warmth and hot water back into our lives just as snow was coming. We are so glad to work with him and will plan to work with him for any future boiler system needs.

Angeline Woodworth

Joe answered late at night when we realized the pilot light was out on our boiler. He tried some troubleshooting with us over the phone, said he had the part we needed, and arrived shortly before midnight. He worked quickly, replaced the part, and got our boiler working! Can't say thank you enough! Highly recommend!

Jill S.

It is very easy to replace something that is broken or not working properly. Unfortunately that is the avenue most companies take nowadays because of lack of experience, knowledge and skill it takes to fix or repair things properly. This is where Joe comes in. This man has decades of experience and knowledge on how things work.
You owe it to yourself as a consumer to be given the option of what is best for your situation. He will not disappoint and he will give you the best solution for your heating and cooling needs.

Jeff Deneen